NAD T762 Thank you Hawk and John A


After following this forum for the last month and a half I finally purchased a NAD T762 Three weeks ago. I want to thank you Hawk and John for leading me in the right direction although this is my first post here in this forum.

Three weeks ago I audtioned the NAD T762 at my local dealer with a set NHT M5'S sitting on B5 sub/base woofers. I,ll have to say this setup sounded incredible to me!!! Now it's been a very long time since I bought a receiver, well it's been almost 20 years or so I'm totally new to surround receivers, dvds and hdtv and by no means do I understand all the audiophile terms all I have to go by is what sounds good to me.

Having said that Iv'e been on a quest to find a good sounding receiver and speakers that I can keep for a long time to come.

I started out looking for a Receiver then speakers which may or not have been in the right order but i figured receiver first then I'd worry about the speakers even if I had to make the rounds around town as many times as it took. Before I started watching this forum I was getting real fustrated as I auditioned all brands (H/K, DENON, YAMAHA, SONY, INTEGRA and PIONEER. I think one of the problems I had was speaker selecton with each of the brands. Well thats when I came to this forum and started following what everybody was listening to. After what you have been saying HAWK about NAD products I decided to find a dealer in my area and audtion a NAD receiver. After auditioning the T762 and NHT speakers I thought, this is it, this is what I want. But wait, I thought to myself ok I'll bye the receiver and keep hunting for speakers just to be sure. So I did the full loop around town once again ( I live in Albuquerque New Mexico so its only a 20 min drive from one end of town to the other driving on side streets) with my NAD T762 in hand I stopped at every Electronics dealer that would let me hook my NAD T762 to what ever speaker setup they had.

I tried speakers comparable to the price range of the NHT M5, B5, and SB3,s . These speakers included B&W, PSB, ATHENA, KEF, DYNAUDIO AUDIENCE, KRIX and POLK. After three weeks of dragging my NAD around town i finally decided today to go with NHT M5,S and B5,s for left and right fronts, M5 for center channel and SB3,s for the back surrounds. Also my dealer said if I wanted to upgrade my sb3,s withen a year he would put the money I payed for towards M5,s.

Well I have everything hooked up but the B5,s due to them being back ordered and so far even without the B5 sub/base it sounds great:)

Again HAWK I want to thank you very much, oh I forgot I"m borrowing a friends dvd player till I decide on which one to bye. I'll save some more money up and make the rounds around town again. In the mean time I'll be reading your posts.


John A.

What a great story. Thank you.

Now THAT is what I call auditioning speakers! I am not familar with NHT but will look it up when I have bit more time.

Anything good on this forum comes out of people sharing what they have learned, so others can benefit. Yours is a generous contribution, and it takes time to write. Hawk has done real comparisons, too, I know.

Listen carefully to that receiver for bugs, pops, etc....!

John A.
PS Six months ago I was exactly where you describe, happy with my hi-fi, and completely unable to understand this whole "AV" area in terms I understood. I took the plunge before I found this forum, and I think it was partly luck I got a system I like. But I have learned a great deal here. If I seem conservative I suppose it may just be because I hope I did not screw up!


I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post because the enthusiasm and excitement came through loud and clear.

Hey, to me that is what it is all about. I am also about to pull the trigger on getting a new NAD and some speakers, narrowed down to the much the same list you had. I am looking at the NHT M5s, the Krix KDX-Ms, and the Dynaudio Audience 42s, primarily. Your endorsement of the M5s is helpful.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I am happy to be of some help.

I have a questions for you. I,like you, bought my 762, a bit earlier (end of September). I have posted some of the problems I had on another thread. Do you loose half a second or so of the first track when playing CD's, specially if you have a digtal connection? While playing a CD connected digitally, have you tried to change the surround mode, say, from stereo to EARS? Do you hear any loud thump during the surround mode change? I am just curious if I am the only one experiencing this problem. Congratulations on your purchse. BTW, the T 762 does sound fantastic.

Hi JohnA and Hawk,
Well i finally got my NHT B5s hooked up with my NHT M5s.....and I can tell you this sounds fantastic:) I also traded the NHT SB3 rear speaker for a better NHT L5 to match my M5s. Sound is great with this setup, I'm definitely not looking back!!! one thing I will say though these speakers are ugly ducklings, my girlfriend likes the looks of them better then me:) She said "they may look like ugly ducklings but when you turn your NAD receiver on they turn into beautiful Swans" I said "yea thats it";)

As for the Nad T762 John, so far so good, no disturbing pops, thumps or bugs yet.
I am experiencing the 1/2 sec drop out in the beginning of a song but as I have read this is very common to a lot of other receivers, so I am not to worried about it. I definitely won't give up my NAD for it as the sound quality is not worth giving up.

Again thanks alot guys:)

John A.
Thanks Marco, what a pleasure to read this. It sounds like you have the best of girlfriends, too. Lucky man.
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