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Hey folks, im new to these boards and would appreciate some sage advice from you veterans out there. After years of working abroad n suffering in laptop and portable audio hell, I am back in the USA for a while and am just getting a basic rig together for warming up my tunes for my little rental apartment.

So far, I found a Stereotech 1200 receiver from the early 70s, a marantz CD/DVD player from around 2001? and some big Jensen 5 speakers from the early 70s. So far Im loving the sound and spent about $300, but something tells me Im just getting started...

My question is, now that I have a basic setup I like, I would like to continue searching for speakers. I like the feel of my Jensens, but they are big and seem to be power hungry. What advice do people have for smaller type monitor speakers to bring into my system? Do you have to spend big $$ to get monitors that provide the warmth of the bigger old speakers?

Also, most of my music is live recordings with a wide range of quality. Would it make sense to bring an EQ into my setup for tweaking certain recordings or will that compromise the nice sound coming from my receiver that I like so much?

Any and all ideas are appreciated, and I hope to keep a lid on how much I invest into more gear, but that seems hard to contain! Are there other places on these boards I should be looking for information about my questions?


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If you're still out there, answer a question or two. You say you love the sound but you want to change the sound. That doesn't really make sense to me. What does "power hungry" have to do with it? Are you looking for louder or what?

Next, why would you want an eq? What do you see an equalizer accomplishing in your system?


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Some Jensen speakers are real nice ... depends on the model no.
If they sound good to you, I would think about keeping them.

Actually bigger speakers are more efficient than smaller ones (usually). If you like the sound you are getting, perhaps you don't need to upgrade.

I second the no eq. idea by Jan. They will add distortion to the sound, unless you really need to change the sound the your liking.

What model Marantz dvd player is it? Perhaps you can upgrade that, since digital has progressed in a decade.

If you must have a smaller speakers, consider Axiom Audio speakers :

You might want to add a sub to warm up the sound a bit - might want to consider these 3: 4436?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item2c564ccb84

Don't join the many audioholics who keeps upgrading 'til they run out of money. If you like your current setup, try to enjoy the music - that's what it's about, isn't it ? And not about hifi gears...

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I myself would recommend auditioning sources from:


Good cross section of brands.

I ended up purchasing a mid level (SA-8001) Marantz CDP and have been very happy with the result. I have had this same unit going on 2.5 years.
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