Marantz SR8300, Pioneer Elite VSX-15TXi, or NAD T763


Which of these receivers would sound the best with a set of Deftech speakers (Bipolar towers w/ built in subs, along w/ the other channels)... the Marantz SR8300, the Pioneer Elite VSX-15TXi, or the NAD T763. I'm so caught, please help me out w/ some unbiased advice.

I'm sorry, i didn't mean 15TXi i meant bad.

The NAD probably has a better amp section, although since I imagine your Def Techs have self-powered sub-woofer sections they don't require hefty power supplies, as misrange and tweeter operate on very little power.

Much depends on the features you want--the PE 55TXi has MCACCS for balancing the speakers and room acoustics. Also, if you get a firewire dvd player--such as the PE 47AVi or the soon to be released 59AVi (and expensive) the 55txi has a big advantage, as it connects directly with i-link (firewire).

If you don't have that dvd player or plan on getting a firewire dvd player--I can't see the advantage of paying extra for the 55txi's i-link.

Either get the the NAD or the PE 53TX, I would probably get the NAD if I wasn't getting an i-link (firewire) dvd player.

But I am sure you won't go wrong with either receiver. If your room is very big the NAD might have an advantage.

You have picked 3 very good receivers which will give you great performance with your Def Tech's. I would not say that any one is better than the others so I would buy the one that you like best in terms of features, remote, user friendliness, inputs[NAD is a bit shy here] etc. Which do you like best? You can't lose with any and whichever you feel most comfortable with should be your choice. I saw somewhere here that the H/K 7200 can be had [saturday audio?] for $899. Not to complicate matters but you might consider it also.
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