Pioneer Elite 43tx vs. 45tx vs. 53tx


I need every bit of help that I can get. I'm trying to decide what receiver I should get. The ones I'm interested are the Pioneer Elite 43tx, 45tx, or 53tx. I know the 45tx has been discontinued and is hard to find. Is there a big difference in sound and performance between the three. My living room is about 18 x 14 with one side open to the kitchen. I'm running run of the mill Polk R2000i front speakers, center is a polk cc400 and back optimus 5 sat speakers. I'm planning to use the system about 50/50 music and videos. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Plous
Well as far as the three recievers go... I recently bought the 45tx and am using monitor audio s8s for the front. Sound is incredible IMO. From my research here is what I have gathered... The 43tx was not right for me because it only has the manual set MCACC. I wanted the automatic one. The 53tx is more the replacement for the 43tx as faras I can tell. The diff between it and the 45tx is mostly that the 53 has the more advanced MCACC. The 53 however does not weigh as much as the 45tx. I think the 45tx has better materials used for heat dispersal. I personally love my 45tx and think its the best of those three.
Good luck

i think downtown audio still has the 45tx for sale.

I've been looking around and its been hard to find one. While searching for this unit I noticed that the Pioneer VSX-D2012K has the same specs as the 45TX. I believe this is the European version. I can still get this unit. Do you have any comments about this particular unit? Will I be getting a lower end unit, or the difference will be just cosmetic, as I have said before, spec wise they are the same units and really look alike. Your help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks for all your replies.
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