Buy Yamaha RX-Z1Receiver with Paradigm Reference Speakers? Help!


I am buying BOTH new speakers and a receiver. My old system is crap and I am wanting to buy something that I won't want to upgrade. I don't mind spending some money but am a rookie with most of this stuff/technical lingo. I just love quality sound (mainly music and some DVDs).

As for speakers, I think I am set on the Paradigm Reference Studio 60 v3 (the brand new version, not v2) Is $3300 for 5 channels and the PW-2200 Subwoofer a decent price? Comment on this if you have a strong objection.

More importantly, I am confused on what range of receiver to buy. I don't want to upgrade in a couple years and I want a good match with my speakers. I like the Yamaha RX-Z1 (flagship now being replaced by RX-Z9.) I can buy it for $1950. Is there something better for less than $2000? How about the Yamaha RX-V2400 ($850). What is the noticable differences between the two receivers? Is there another brand that blows either of these two away in there respective fields?

I know those two receivers might be apples to oranges but I am not certain what would be the best match with the paradigm reference speakers and if the price jump is worth it. Thanks for your help. Omar

Yes, there are a number of things better than the Yamaha RX-Z1. For $1598, you can get the Outlaw Audio 950 pre/pro and the 7100 power amp, rated at 125 wpc x 7 (and these are realsitic power ratings, too!). If you are seriously willing to spend $2K for the Yamaha, you should really consider quality separates. Also for under $2K, you can also get an Adcom 860 pre/pro and a 7605 power amp.

If you really want a receiver, I would suggest an NAD T762 receiver, with an MSRP of $1299, but can be had for about $1K as it is being replaced with a new model in about a month. A true 100 wpc receiver that has been named a "Product of the Year" or "Receiver of the Year" by several publications. It will blow the Yamaha Z1 away and the 2400 wouldn't even hit the radar screen.

The Paradigms are a wonderful speaker and with the right amplification, makes for a great system.

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