I'm looking for a receiver for my home theater system... I am running the Boston Acoustics system 9000 as my speakers... and looking for a great reciever to drive them. People seem to be steering me to these two brands... specifically the two models listed above...

It seems the Elite has more features... but people seem to be saying that the marantz product is better... any thoughts?

thanks a lot... this is my first foray into HT and I want to put together something that i'll be happy with for a long long time.

I applaud you for picking these two fine units to choose from. Both are excellent and you can't lose either way. The Elite has more inputs if that is important and sonically they are very similar. I don't think you can say one is sonically better than the other. I have heard both with my Monitor Audio speakers and would be happy with either. I love the Elite's and went with the VSX45 as the Marantz doesn't have enough inputs for my system. Listen and play around with both if possible and get what you like better. Both have large power supplies and good build quality so have fun and good luck.


I like the Elite--very good receiver. But I am on record that the Marantz 7300 is one of those really special products that seems to get everything right. In this case, I think the sound of the Marantz is really superb--I would describe the sound as "sweet" because it is so clean and so right on pitch. It has ample power reserves and seems to bring out the best in a wide range of speakers.

Either receiver is a very good choice, but if it were me, I would get the Marantz.

Lost -

You have been advised above by two of the big regulars on these boards. It would appear that you cannot go wrong and should choose based on practical issues like how many inputs, whether you like the look of it, the external dimensions and the best deal you can get.

Thank you guys for your input... it's greatly appreciated... Just one more quick question though.... the Marantz dealers have told me that the x400 series (x being the variable) is coming out within the next week... so most retailers should have them in the next month. The remote will be much better on the 7400 (supposedly similar to their "award winning" 8000 remote)... but it will be a little more expensive. I would be able to wait as I'm not moving into the condo until Nov. 28th, so time's not a big factor... but I'm wondering if it'd be worth the wait for one of two reasons...
1) do you think that the 7300 prices will be coming down as soon as the 7400 hits the market?
2) are their upgrades sufficient to think about getting the 7400 vs. the 7300 and spending a few dollars more on it...

Thanks so much for your help.... I'm so excited to get in and listen to this... but I want to make sure I'm getting the right equiptment.


Just to let you know, the x400 line will be silver. Thats up to you to figure out if its worth it.


I would suspect that the prices on the 7300 will soften once the 7400 is in the shop. It certainly has here as my local Marantz dealer is holding an "October Sale" on Marantz. So waiting a little while longer may be worth it just to get a better price on the 7300.

Whether the 7400 will be worth paying more for I cannot say--I haven't seen the new remote and I haven't heard it.

Good luck.
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