Kenwood 7070 help


i have a kenwood 7070 that i have had for about a month now and the manual lacks in explanation of all the fetures of the unit. if anyone has any info or advice to give would love to hear it. i am using it mostly for ht i have a klipsch sf-2's for fronts the ss.5 for the 3 surrounds and the sc-1 for a center and the 12" sub...thanks for the advice in advance

What advice do you want?

No problem, we can do that. Are you having trouble with the operation...not getting the sound youwant?? Throw us a bone here...

sorry to take so long getting back busy at work the last couple of days :( anyway it is the operation of the unit i enjoy the sound i am getting but certain things like the thx auto,on,thx,thx off stuff like that that the manual doesn't cover thanks

The THX is nothing more than a certification and an acoustic standard that needs to be met by the receiver. All of this is done automatically for you according to the pre-set parameters established by LucasArts. Once you turn on the THX, everything will be calibrated. What speakers are you using with the unit, by the way?

the klipsch sf-2's the ss.5's the sc-1 and the 12 inch sub are the speakers hooked up. i know that is is a lucasarts standard but why does it have different options?? i guess that is what i don't understand. what is it best to leave it on???
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