Expert advice needed --- $1000 for speakers and receiver


HT Wanna be
I'm looking to spend about $600 on a receiver and about $400 on a set of speaker for a home theatre system.

What's the best set up for the money ?????


What size room do you have? It matters. Would you accept floorstanding mains, or only bookshelfs? Do you need them to mount on the wall?

Finally, what proportion of this system will be used for music and how much for HT?

HT Wanna be:

I think you would get a better balanced setup if you were to switch your figures around. Try $400 for your receiver and $600 for your speaker set. My 2 pence!

HT Wanna be
My room is about 15' by 12. I'm happy to have floor standing or wall mounted speakers. My TV, Video, DVD will all be slap bang in the middle of one of the 12' walls.

I guess the set up will by 80%HT and 20% music.

Well, I agree with Valeem that you should reverse your spending ratio. Remember, you have to buy six speakers (including a powered subwoofer) for a HT system. Spend more on the speakers and a little less on the receiver.

Let me suggest a couple of systems:

1. OneCall Package NHT SuperZeros and a Power 8: This is a set of five (5) NHT SuperZeros (mini-monitors) together with a Phase Tech Power 8 subwoofer. Priced at $590 from One Call ( Mate this with a factory refurb'ed Marantz 5300 from priced at $419.99, and you will have a killer system.

2. The Onkyo TX-SR601 receiver together with the Athena Point 5 sub/sat system. Another great combo available from One Call for $936.50. Highly recommended at this price.

Good luck HT!

Hawk, I couldn't agree more...
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