Celestion speakers any good???? please read....


i know this is the receiver section but....

building a system for my girlfriend's dad. he wants to go cheap, so getting him a denon 1603 receiver (i bought one and love considering it was only $200 brand new)

for speakers i saw these celestion's on bestbuy's website. i've heard celestion makes good speakers, and my coworker (from england) says that celestion (british company) makes great speakers.

F30 towers for fronts: dual 5.25" woofers, .75" titanium tweeter, $260 for pair

F10 bookshelves for rear: 4" woofer, .75" titanium tweeter, $100 for pair

F35 center channel: dual 4" woofers, .75" titanium tweeter, $100

S20 powered sub: 8" subwoofer, 200Watts, $200

total $660....what do you think?????

I have a pair of (old) Celestions lying around and they are good. I don't know the speakers you mention, though.

You may want to look at Athena. They are sold at Best Buy as well (I have a Point 5 system).

Have a listen to Now Hear This SuperOnes or SB1s. You should be able to find them for $150 to $250 a pair.

Paradigm are VERY good. Energy and Mission are also good in that price range.

Hope that helps.
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