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George Patterson
I own a pair of paradigm speakers, and a polk sub, and I'm just beginning my foray into the world of high-end audio. I was going to get a new set of speakers, but I now figure the best starting place is a good amp (I currently have a $200 HK, that is beginning to break). I was looking at the Pioneer Elite 55, and thought that this was probably a good start. I was looking for some input, since people here tend to know what brand amps go with what speakers. I'd also like to know how long I can expect this $1,000 dollar investment to last... both physically and technologically. If I waited a year, would I get many more features for the same price? Also, no one has really mentioned it, but how is the USB PC input? I listen to a lot of MP3s, and currently use a pretty crappy hookup. I was thinking that the USB input would help. Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot.

What kind of Paradigms do you have? I have the Eclipse Reference series (BP) and CC-450 (Center Channel). I'm using an H/K 525 which I bought from CostCo at $649.00 (MSRP $1,199.00). I've also run these speakers with my (old) Kenwood KR-V990D with lots of sucess.

George Patterson
I have Paradigm's from the monitor series.

I currently own a HK amp (albeit a cheap $200 one) and I'm not too satisfied with its sound and build quality. It's only 3 years old, and it already needs repairs, where as my father's 20 year old Yamaha amplifier is still in great condition. I want something like that... an amp I can keep around for 20 years, even if its technology becomes outdated.

I'm looking at the Yamaha RX-V2400, the Denon 3803, Pioneer Elite 53tx, or the H/K 7200.

I dont own an HDTV, nor a 7.1 system, so I'm thinking that the H/K may be the way to go. It offers 60 lbs of raw power, and I think thats what I'm after. However, I'm against getting it just from bad experience with my current budge H/K amp.

Any suggestions?
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