HK 525 Overheating


Just bought the 525 and it seems to run pretty damn hot. The first few days I ran it through it's paces and it performed outstanding. Then I came home to find the power off. Wasn't initially sure what that was all about but then a day later I'm watching T.V. at a very low level and it shuts itself off again. This morning I get up and I hear the ventilation fan going on the receiver and the sound level was so low you could hardly hear it so I'm thinking why the hell is the fan going?
For the first few days I never heard the fan running no mater how hard I pushed it, now it runs no mater how low the volume.
This is my first experience with HK and I don't know what to think. As an earlier poster had mentioned maybe this thing is just light years beyond my capacity to set it up correctly, or maybe it is just prone to overheat.
Any thoughts?
It's housed in a mahogany entertainment center on the top shelf with about 8 inches clearance above and a glass door to close the cabinet. Is that not enough ventilation? when I go to electronics stores that's what I see, component stacked on component running all day. I watch TV and it's overheating? What gives?

It sounds defective to me. Fans shouldn't come on with casual listening. Since yours didn't for the first few days and now it happens all the time it sounds like a defective relay/switch.

HK does run quite hot, but fan should not be running at low volume. Does your entertaiment center have any vent ports in the back,or is the heat trap in there?
What is the temperature in your room? Is it too hot? Is enough cool air circulating within your room to allow for heat to dissipate?

Move the receiver out of the entertaimenet center, reconnect, raise volume to about -25db and see what happens. If fan still kicks on, there is something wrong.
Also, check your speakers/connections. Make sure you are not putting a load that the HK can't handle.

I also had the same problem with the 525, it ran very hot and the unit was not enclosed. I had it for about a week and the fan started activating all the the time even at low volumes. I was also not happy with the dvd audio and movie playback. I ended up taking it back and buying the Yamaha RXV 740. The yamaha seems much better overall. Way better movie and dvd audio playback. The 525 though, seemed a little better in two channel cd playback..
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