Which level cd/dvd player should i go for


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i have kefs iq full range with onkyo 803 av receiver. My budget could go up till Marantz dv7001. my question is which one would be perfect for my setup in terms of cd listening, or how much should i invest in the dvd/cd player. thankyou

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Username: Deepak

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anyone home, yo.

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Username: Deepak

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this forum is wacked

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Deepak, how would we know what you should invest? How would we know what your listrening habits are? How do we what what you think music should sound like?

I don't the forum is whacked, maybe your question is wacked. Go out and listen to what is available within your budget and audtion with your gear if possible and let your own ears and budget decide. We could all tell you what we like and it may not be what you like.

Get it?

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Username: Deepak

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sure thing MR and thanks.

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Naim CD5i-2

Rega Apollo

BTW, this forum is awesome!
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