NAD 742 vs. Marantz 7300 ???


In the market for a new receiver and debating between the NAD 742 and the Marantz 7300. I see many threads on NAD and i figure most of you know these products better than i do...

Also how important is the RS232C port on these new receivers? Obviously the marantz has it but the NAD does not unless you go for the 762 model.

Lastly, the lowest prices I am finding for these are around 500 for the NAD 742 (local) and about 650 for the marantz (online). At those levels is either a "no brainer"??

Thanks in advance for the help...

I happen to think both are very good receivers and much of it depends on what you are looking for. Both prices are pretty good, as well.

After comparing the two, I believe the NAD has the better sound, but the marantz has more features, so if you are inclined to have the features, go with the marantz. If the best sound is your criteria, then go with the NAD.

The RS-232 port on the Marantz is nothing but marketing nonesense (this forum precludes the use of the word I would normally use). Supposedly, it is to upgrade the software, but in reality, they will change the processor long before they change the software. Besides, when NAD wanted to change the software on their product (the 762, I believe, when it was brand new about 9 months ago), they simply issued a notice to their registered owners who could then take it to an NAD repair shop and have it done, or they could do it themselves since it was just a snap-in board. So the RS232 port is no big deal.

I trust this helps.

Thanks Hawk.

One last question. I saw on another post you mentioned DMC Electronics. I called them and they have some refurbished NAD T752s for about $580 or so.

Have you dealt with this shop before? If so, do you recommend them?

Also, is buying a refurbished unit a bad idea? There is a one-year warranty on it but not sure if you or anyone else has some pointers when dealing with refurbished items.

DMC mentioned they were all factory sealed as well. Thanks again in advance.

another point...i have PSB speakers...

any changes to your reccs?
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