Onkyo 650 Receiver- Static from Left surround?


I have an onkyo 650 theater system. While watching tv today I noticed the left surround was so much quieter than the right one. I listened up close to each. I hear noise from the left one but it is very quiet and has static. I switched the speakers to rule that out and it still happens. It has to either be the cable to the receiver or the receiver itself? Any ideas on whats going on? I did make sure that + was to + and - to -

maybe onkyo sucks

Check page 20 in the book. It explains how to adjust each speakers volume separately. Make sure each speaker is playing at the same volume. I got mine yesterday. After reading hundreds of reports and feedback columns, it seems that this system has gotten rave reviews while the other systems ( more expensive...) have been being bashed.

Kelli B
Scott B is correct about checking speaker volumes. Also, you have to set the speaker volume or they will erase when you change components or turn off system. Explanation is in book.

yeah .. bose is right . for the same price as the HTS650 you could have bought a Bose Wave Radio. Man, I wish I didn't get my HTS650 .. lol
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