SACD x DVD-Audio: What is the best?


I never listened to any one of them, so please give your opinions. What format will become popular?

SACD is supposed to use a better A/D conversion and less compression and has a standard CD layer for higher compatability. SACD originally was stereo only but now is multichannel. SACD does not produce anything on the digital outputs of its players though. You MUST have six-channel input on your receiver. That means that all music will go through two A/D-D/A conversions. I've listened to them in stores and though they both sound better than standard CD, they don't have common source material to compare them directly. So in the end, I don't know.

If you are in the market for a player, Best Buy sells a Pioneer that plays both for $179.

Hope this helps.

I think it is a good idea to buy a dvd player with both formats, if you want to listen to music in surround. The engineer who records the disc is far more important than whether it is in DVD Audio or SACD. A big reason to have both is you have no idea whether the disc you want to buy is in either format. I have both the Denon 2900 in my downstairs rog and the Pioneer 47tx in my upstairs media room, mainly because I have it hooked via the i-link (firewire) to the Pioneer Elite 49txi. The Denon is hoioked up to Aragon Soundstage pre-amp and Aragon 2007 amp.

Both work wonderfully. The Pioneers are definietly made to work very well together because of the i-link. But I have no trouble navigating on the Denon either---but the switching is significantly easier on the Pioneer i-link products. From a "looks" standpoint the Pioneer Elite definitely gets the vote. Pioneer Elite's always seem to get a high spousal approval rating:-)

The DVD player is NOT a problem: I could buy a Pioneer DVD-563, that's well!

My problem is that I have no idea about what disc format to choose: SACD or DVD-Audio. Everybody will want to replace CDs by a brand new format, but nobody wants to do a mistake and replace it again!

So, if you would buy a new disc today, what format would you choose?


As G-man alluded to. It is the Sound Engineer that has the greatest impact on which is best. Not the format.


Ummm...but maybe it can change in the future, when engineers learn more about both formats.

Anyway, maybe one of them has more potential. I thought DVD-Audio was better...

Anyway, I will buy a player that play both formats
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