Guess how much i paid for my surround sound system


Reciever------------Denon AVR-1603
Front Speakers------Polk R30's
Rear Speakers-------Polk R15's
Center Channel------Polk CS175i
Powered Subwoofer---Polk PSW202

now i know this is not the best, most impressive setup ever seen...but i'm on a very tight budget (trying to finish up college and support my girlfriend while she looks for a job) i bought all pieces brand new (the CS175i I bought a while back, it is last years model) any guesses? want to see if i got some good deals





Based on prices I've seen local B&M's like Fry's or online here is my guess. And these are all authorized dealers.

Denon 1603 $200
Polk R30 $150/pr Fry's
Polk R15 $80/pr Circuit City
Polk CS175i $80 Fry's
Polk PSW202 $125 Fry's


These are advertised prices I've seen in the last month. Not all at the same time. But if you bought each one on sale, I could see you going this low pretty easily. I pretty sure I even saw the PSW202 as low as $99 once but it wasn't in the last month.
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