Denon 3801, 3802 or 3803?


I like the Denon receivers and would buy one of their older models if it met my needs. I am what you guys would consider a newbie, so may not have it all properly worked out. Just finished my basement and am looking to hook up the following:

Coax cable TV into the receiver,
Plasma TV (Not HD)(component video from the receiver),
DVD - Optical connection to receiver,
Paradigm Speakers (only going to use front, center, surround and sub for now),
Paradigm Ceiling speakers (4 other speakers) located in other rooms of the basement to be used for music, TV, etc. (the plan is to use these speakers to listen to whatever is currently playing through the receiver - music, TV, etc. and not another source - I have no idea how to hook these up to get good quality sound from these speakers.

So, two questions:
1) Which Denon receiver would meet my needs?
2) How do I hook up the ceiling speakers?

Appreciate the help.


Can you be more specific about the ceiling speakers? Are you talking about only a single speaker in the ceiling, or will it be a stereo pair?

I purchased 2 pairs of Paradigm CS-50R Cieling speakers. My intention was to use a "Left and Right" signal for each pair.
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