2 spk outside, 2 spk basement, 2 spk bedroom, plus LR - what kind of receiver do I need?


Just moved into a home and I have 16 guage wiring for speakers in the following areas:
- 2 external speakers
- 2 basement
- 2 upstairs bedroom
- 2 "rear" and 2 "front" speakers in the LR

On top of that, I'm guessing I'll want a woofer, tweeter and center channel in the LR.

I've played with computer hardware quite a bit but I'm new to audio. My question is what do I need to get in a Receiver to support all these speakers?

Will a 5 channel receiver do it? Do I need a 7 channel with multiroom switching features?

If I can do it with most 5 channels are there particular techniques I'm going to need to learn or things to consider?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Sounds like you have speakers in 4 different rooms. A receiver with the multiroom feature is a good start but that only gives you two rooms. Plus you can't power 11 speakers with it. You'll need some type of speaker switch box. I think Radio Shack has them.
"On top of that, I'm guessing I'll want a woofer, tweeter and center channel in the LR."
Not quite sure what you mean here. If you have front and rear speakers in your LR, you just need a center channel speaker. Most centers have a midbass-tweeter-midbass configuration. I really wouldn't call it a woofer because they are usually no bigger than 6.5" speakers and most likely smaller than that. Try to match the center with your fronts. Same mfr, preferrably same product line so the sound is seamless across the front.

If you want real bass, you need a powered subwoofer. Thats the .1 in a 5.1 system. There are hundreds to chose from, just depends on your room size and of course how much $$ you're willing to spend.

Here's a pretty good article for newbies to home theater.


Any duel-zone receiver will do. Add and amp like this http://www.rotel.com/products/specs/rmb1066.htm or these http://www.audiocontrol.com/multi_room.htm or this http://www.knollsystems.com/mr1250v.htm or http://www.adcom.com/amplifiers/multichannelamplifiers.htm.

You wil probably want to add volume controls to the other locations like these http://www.sonance.com/subs/products.php?category_id=29.

Hope this helps.
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