Is SACD worth looking at?


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I need a life, maybe, but I do have another question.

I can get a SONY CD player with SACD support relatively inexpensively. But, if the chief value of SACD is multiple channel capabilities, as in HT setups, does it offer much for a two-channel system, other than being ble to play a SACD disc, if I happen to buy one, or get one as a gift?

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"does it offer much for a two-channel system, other than being ble to play a SACD disc"

Depends on the player - and the chief value of SACD is not for mult-channel, it is for the sound quality of the DSD format. Two or multi channel is a choice and many of the high end SACD players only offer two channel.

Whether it's worth to you depends on the player's qualities and your other components. And ultimately your ears.

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Some of the low cost Sony SACD players sound better for SACD than do some higher priced competition from Denon and Marantz...they aren't as good for Redbook, but not too far behind.

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Look at the recorded material available for SACD. Most brick and mortar shops don't stock SACD or, if they do, the discs are mixed in with the Redbook CD stock rather than being pulled out for easy access. The majority of your SACD purcahses will be made on line. Find out whether the music you like is available in the SACD format. If not, the player isn't worth much to you. If you can find music to buy, Art's correct that the low priced Sony SACD players sound very good for the dollar. Sony used the same chips in many of their SACD players to bring cost down across the board. In a sub-$200 player, the Sony product probably has as much going for it as most other Redbook CD players in that price range. Oppo sells several universal players that have received good reviews and they start around $150.


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Another HD format is also forthcoming, K2 HD, which will play on a standard redbook player. Whether this will be a widely adopted mastering process is unknown. And, if the cost is $45 cd's like JVC's XRCD then I really won't care.
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