Thinking about an upgrade


I have been thinking of upgrading my current receiver. First I'll tell you my current home theater setup.

Receiver: Yamaha HTR-5150
TV:Panasonic 53" widescreen + Progressive Scan DVD
Front Speakers: JBL Northridge Series N38
Middle Speaker: Paradigm CC70
Back Speakers: Boston ceiling mounted dropdown
Sub: Yamaha SW60

I use my reciever about 70% time for movies and about 30% for video games. I really don't listen to music. Although I like my Yamaha, its been several years and I think I might be able to find something better. I've narrowed my search down to a couple receivers.

Denon AVR-2803- This seems to be a high quality unit, with all the formats and 7.1, and I've seen it listed for as low as $537.

Outlaw 1050- I was impressed with this company, but this model seems a little outdated, lacking Dolby Pro Logic 2. It does have 6.1, however, and it has a lower price at $499.

Would the sound quality of the Outlaw be enough better, or better at all, than the sound quality of the Denon to justify giving up the extra surround formats and 7.1? Or would I be better off keeping my Yamaha and waiting a while until something new comes out?

Any advice would be appreciated.

ive seen them as low as 345.00 on ebay check it out man

Wow, this is a pretty quiet message board!

Personally, I prefer the sound quality of the Denon. Plus the surround formats are much better if you plan on listening for HT use.

I'm currently looking at upgrading right now as well. I'm contemplating the Denon AVR 1803 vs. the Onkyo TX-SR601. I dont need 7 channels therefore I'm looking at these 2 models. I've had products from both in the past and both have served me well. I'm leaning towards the Onkyo maily because a few more features for the same price. I think both are fairly equal. You should look at the Onkyo TX-SR701 & the Harmon Kardon AVR-325 as well. The best advice is to listen to them all and decide. It's usually boils down to personal preference. Hope this helps!
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