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Gary Moore
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I am running a Yamaha HTR-5450 with a single amplified sub output and trying to hookup to a Bose Acoustimass(unpowered)two input(L/R)sub.
I did go thru the recommended process and read the article about setting up the single line output from the amp to the dual line input of the sub:
No Subwoofer Output in 2-Channel Mode
But I am a real rookie on this stuff. So when the article says:
"If the Receiver has preamp outputs for the main channels, then connect the left and right main preamp outputs of the Receiver to the inputs of the subwoofer, just like you would hook up any other component such as a DVD or CD player."

Is it talking about hooking the main speakers to the A speaker channels and the sub to the B speaker channels? I can turn both on if needed with this amp.

I have read the part about how to check to see if they are parallel and will make that check.

The way the Bass Out options are stated in the manual on this amp are:
SWFR: Select this if you use a subwoofer. The LFE signals are directed to the subwoofer.
Main: Select this if you do not use a subwoofer. The LFE signals are directed to the main speakers.
Both: Select this if you use a subwoofer and you want to mix the main channel low frequency signals with the LFE signals.
The main speakers are Bose 401's.

I would think I would set it to both.

Also it says to:
"Adjust the subwoofer cross-over setting between 50-60Hz."

I cannot find a way to adjust this on the amp or the sub and have no idea how to do it.

This may be another stupid question, but I will ask anyway. Is there a way to split the signal coming from the single amplified bass port on the amp with a "Y" type cable or some other electronic component?

Thanks for all the help in advance....gary moore

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Unfortunately you're not going to get any good deep bass with that Bose. Bose even calls it a "bass module" instead of a sub for that very reason. You can ask here ( ) for some ideas and tips on making a passive sub or buy one premade.
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