Where can you find Refurbished Recievers?


I don't have alot of money to spend, but I've read that you can get good recievers refurbed for alot less. The Onkyo sr600 or HK 525 are a few I saw mentioned around. But I can't find any place that has authorized refurbed stuff. Anyone know any?

Try Onecall. I've seen some advertized on their site and they are an authorized dealer for HK.

Anonymous is correct. One Call is authorized for both Harman/Kardon and Onkyo, although you may not find the particular receiver you want. Check them out--One Call gives great service (www.onecall.com).

You can also find refurb H/K through the H/K website. Go to the link for the H/K Store.

Also, if you might be interested in refurbished Marantz, their authorized refurb dealer is Accessories 4 Less (accessories4less.com).

NAD sells refurb products through YAWA (www.yawaonline.com) and through DMC Electronics (www.dmc-electronics.com).

onkyo also sells refurbs thro their website. if you register with onkyo you can get some pretty good deals on refurbished stuff
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