Kenwood vr 6070


Thanks to everyone for all the information. I recieved my new Kenwood vr 6070 and set it up right away. Now the problem!!! To have it at a reasonable listening level, the volume is on 19 or lower!! 19...something is wrong! My old(but still good)Kenwood vr 407 settled in with a nice volume around the 35-41 range. I'm running a mix of Kenwood speakers and Klipsch ksb 1.1 in the back. I've tried everything to get it louder, but to no avail. I'm so dissapointed. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I don't understand the problem. You have it at a reasonable listening level at -19db, and you can still turn it up by over 25db. Are you worried that the display says -19db instead of something like -41db? What does it matter?


Thanks for responding. The overall volume is so low. I can turn the volume up to almost as far as it will go (noting that the volume level number on the display decreases with the loudness of the system), without any dramatic results. Whereas with my old reciever, if I got the volume anywhere near 20-25 (display reading), I would blow the room away. Basically I wanted to feel the room shake with certain movies. But that clearly is not even close to the case.
Any thoughts, thanks
(by the way, I'm relatively new at this)

Al holland
Not all receivers have the same detent settings.

The scales on the display are for reference and do not necessarily reflect how loud the unit is capable of playing.
Many of todays receivers or processors require the volume control to be increased more to obtain louder levels than in the past.
This is good because the finer settings are more usable than the course settings of the past.
Have you tried a SPL meter to see how many decibals are being produced.
Also cleaner amps do not sound as loud due to less distortion being produced. Noise will always seem louder than quality sound.
Is this occuring when playing DD,DTS or stereo?

Greg Lee
I have noticed with the 6070 that I get less increase in loudness than with my old receiver for turning up the volume control a given number of db, as shown on the scale. I also notice that a comfortable listening volume for me on the 6070 is higher, around -30db on the display, than with my old receiver, which I kept around -42db as shown on its display. Is this what you mean? I still don't see the problem. As Al says, the db shown on the display does not directly reflect the sound level.

If you have the volume on the 6070 all the way to the max (I think it goes above 0db) and it's not loud enough for you, now *that* is a problem.

You mention wanting the room to shake, so maybe you're concerned with the level of bass from your subwoofer? But you can turn that up separately.


Thanks guys. One of the observations I've made is that the sound does seem cleaner. As if I am enveloped in the thickness of the sound. My novice mentality equates louder with better though. One of my concerns is that it appears (although I have not done it) that I COULD turn the volume to the max without really stressing the system that loudly. I'm still using the Kenwood speakers that came with my original HTB Kenwood system (center,front left, front right *& powered subwoofer)(all 100watts). But I put 2 Klipsch ksb1.1 in the back surround L/R. and 1 small Kenwood Satellite in the surround back. I'm using 18 guage wire in all.
In the individaul speaker setup of the 6070, I increased the decibel level in each speaker from a default level of 0 db all the way to the max of 10 db. Was this OK to do? I expected an increase in overall volume output, but have heard no noticeable change. I sit 12-13 feet away and the volume level is around 22-24 for a nice but not over powering listening level. Honeslty, I have so many qustions I could go on and on. I apologize for taking your time, but if I could continue to ask questions I would greatly appreciate it.

Greg Lee
I don't know precisely how the volume settings for the individual speakers work, but they are really intended for balancing, not increasing the overall volume. I don't know whether the maximum sound pressure will be increased by turning up these levels.

A sound pressure meter from Radioshack is very, very useful for balancing volume levels.


Greg & Al-
I tried everything. The sound output is just not there. I can understand and appreciate the difference between noise and sound, but this is ridiculous. There simply is no loud volumes until you reach 8-10 on the volume knob(It only goes to zero, right?). I hooked my old vr 407 back up for comparison and sure it enough I get good crisp hefty volume at around 34-36 on the volume setting. Any lower and I'd blow the windows out! I've checked all the connections and everything is fine. how can such a well reviewed item perform this poorly? I am at a loss.

Greg Lee
It doesn't matter how the volume numbers on the display compare with those on your old receiver. It just doesn't matter. Turn your 6070 up if it's not loud enough. If it won't go any higher (it seems +3db is the max -- I just tried it) and it's still not loud enough for you, then is the time to worry about a problem with the receiver.

What about adjusting the subwoofer volume?


Jim McCormick
I'm a real novice, but I just bought mine. I had the same problem with no bass, but after toying with all the buttons, found theres three EQ settings. After setting it on the right EQ I got full rich sound through my Infinity's that could make the house shake at a louder volume which is easily done.

You might want to check and see if you have both A & B speakers turned on accidently. I'm assuming you do not have any speakers connected to another room through the B station on the back of your reciever. Turning both on without having any connections to the B speakers may also cause your volume to be significantly lower than expected.

I need Help!! I just bought the Kenwood
VR-6070 and hooked up my 6.1 speaker system. It sounds GREAT(!!!)But now I'm ready for 7.1. Is it true that I can use my old receiver as the amp ? If so, how do I do this ? My old receiver is the Philips MX980-D 550 watt 5.1. What inputs and outputs do I use ? Any step by step help would be appreciated! Thanks, Joey
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