Will NAD T742 be Overkill for Polk RM6700?


Anthony Law
Hi all,

I live in an apartment so as much as I hate to, I have decided to avoid towers & settled for the very compact 5.1 Polk RM6700 w/ 8" PSW250 sub.

I figured it'll be 25% TH & 75% Music, so after reviewing many posts on this board, I'm leaning towards a NAD T742 (or possibly a Marantz/Denon/Onkyo at similar price range).

Will the NAD T742 (or any entry level receiver) be an overkill? Thanks.

I think it would be a great combo. Too many people skimp on their receiver and then can't understand why they don't get better sound out of their awesome speakers ("They didn't sound this bad in the store!"). I don't think it is overkill, at all.
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