Advice wanted for car audio system in home


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Hey there, not really sure where to post this, so here goes :-)

I am wanting to put a car stereo system in my front room.

I've heard it's been done before but all the talk i can find on ehre is in some language i dont understand ;-)

want i want is a CD head unit and changer, one nice 12 or 16" sub with amp and 4 nice 6 X 9 speakers for the corners of the room.

I have absolutely no idea how the best way to go (within a budget) would be, never mind how to power it short of a couple of car batteries in the house :-)

Any advice?


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At the risk of sounding impertinent my suggestion would be to save yourself some trouble and do what everyone else does - buy some nice speakers, an integrated amplifier and a CD player - my guess is that would be a lot easier and would almost definately sound better.

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I know that's probably the easiest way to go, But i'm after something different, something that sounds good with lots of bass, is fairly cheap, and is nothing like anyone local has got.

I just think having that kind of setup would sorta make people go "oooo" :-)

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there is not much to it, connect the cd player to a power inverter(changes ac to 12v dc) put the speakers in boxes, wire them up, place them where you like. put a cd in the player, push play and away you go. It would be cheaper to buy a home stereo. But if you go that way, make sure you get good speaker cabinets and sperate amps for sub woofer and player

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I dont mean to diss you setup, but, A car stereo in a house isnt really a ooo a factor. Ive seen it done befor, it never looked very nice, and never sounded very nice. You dont need car speakers, and a car sub to have good bass. And you dont need to spend the money some here have, to have good bass. Good luck though, make sure you post pictures when your done!!!
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