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I have a HK225 receiver, newly hooked up. I've done the "EZ Set Up," which automatically sets the relative volumes of the speakers (but doesn't do anything to the sub).

My problem: I just seem to have too much bass--it's dominating everything. I suppose I could just turn the bass knob on the receiver down, but I can't help thinking I've done something wrong in the set-up process.

I have a subwoofer cable going from the sub out to the "xover" port on my (Energy8.2) subwoofer. This means that I can't control the subwoofer levels directly from my sub, since the receiver has "advanced crossover" control. But what exactly is this crossover control, and how do I get to it?

I'm just not sure where to go, exactly, to try to balance the sound out. Any help is appreciated.

(PS: for those who have an HK: I have my cd playing in "Logic 7 M" mode, and dvd's in digital surround (obviously), and the bass seems to boom too much on both.)

John K.
Dave, first the sub. It appears that you correctly attached the sub cable to the "xover" port, which completely bypasses the internal sub crossover, because the 225 crossover is all that's needed. You've misinterpreted what you can't do at the sub. The sub volume control works, but as mentioned, the sub crossover has been bypassed, so the crossover frequency control does nothing. Also there's a control for audio/video to artificially boost the sub for movies(misguided in my opinion; leave it off in the audio mode). So, you can lower the sub volume with the control on the sub.

Now, on the 225. As you mentioned, the sub volume isn't automatically set by the 225. You use the sub trim level as described on p.29 of the manual and/or the control on the sub, as mentioned above. You don't use the bass knob on the receiver; that and the treble control roll off or boost their respective frequencies and don't set the sub level. I don't know where the "advanced crossover" term comes from, but the 225 doesn't have a variable crossover; it has a fixed cross below 100hz to the sub and above 100hz to the speakers(assuming that you set all the speakers to "small", as you should). There is a menu of "advanced" features at p.30, but that has nothing to do with this.

In short, with the audio/video off and not giving a boost, use the sub and/or receiver sub level controls(they should be roughly at the same level, not one way up and the other way down)to set the bass level so that the sub isn't drawing attention to itself. The impression should be that the speakers have developed more bass of their own.
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