If your reciever has a lesser rating is it more powerful? Does a 2 ohm reciever capable of pumping more power to your speakers? Im asking this because I need more power to my front speakers and I have a reciever rated 8 ohms.

If you are looking at a home receiver that is rating power @ 2 ohms I think I'd stay away. I've never seen a home speaker with a 2 ohm rating (although I'm sure theres some out there) If a receiver pushes 100W @ 2 ohm chances are @ 8 Ohm (which is much more standard) you'll be seeing 25W (and that's probably peak to peak =) ) Good luck man!


Greg Lee
As Jeff suggests, a receiver power rating given only for a low impedence load is probably a trick to make a low power receiver seem more impressive. However, a receiver rated 100W into 8 ohms and rated 200W into 4 ohms, hypothetically, is a good receiver by this spec, since it can supply high current. If speakers' impedance is especially low over part of the frequency range, they may need a high current amp.

But I wonder how you've reached the conclusion that you need more power to your front speakers. Not loud enough? But what happens when you adjust the volume upwards? Do you get some sort of distortion?
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