Best reciever, speakers and dvd for $1200


Can someone give me recomendation for the best HT 6.1 system for $1200. Will listen to more music then tv but want both options to work well. Is it possilble.

Give a listen to Denon's 1803 and Onkyo's 600 as your receiver. They both are around $500. The other $700 - I would listen to Energy's take 5.2 or one of the Athena system. Low-end Paradigms are also good. 5.1 is easy. You can buy another speaker for the sixth channel at a later date.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reply. I'll try to sample those next week. Which one whould you recomend?

Phil Krewer

Here's another thought if you like the Denon. The Mirage speakers are made by the same company as the Energy and Athena systems. I haven't heard the speakers but they're suppose to be very similar to the Take 5.2s. With this you'd get the 1803 and a 6.1 system. Shipping is free and with the extra $200 you could by a nice DVD player.


Since, I started out with 1200 budget and tried few combinations, here are my recommendations

yamaha 5550 (costs around 300 at most authorized dealers, less if u go to unauthorized internet dealers).

Main Speakers - assuming u would want good quality stereo music, i suggest 3/2 way speakers -
3-way floor standing - JBL N38
3-way bookshelf - JBL S38
(both around $300)

JBL N24s for rear surrounds & N-center for center channel (total less than $300)

The remaining, u could invest in a sub or a DVD player

Hope this helps
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