Onkyo's LFE issue no more


In less than 2 weeks I actually exchanged/returned 4 of the ht-s 650 with the ht-r500 receiver. Call me stubborn but I was going on the notion that Onkyo stands behind their products. But after 3 calls to Onkyo support(still in denial) and 2 unresponded emails I called it quit. Licking my wounds I happened to stumble onto this forum. I was eyeing the HK 225 and the Onkyo tx-600. I'll survive without the 6.1 setup for now and I can certainly do without Onkyo's you're an idiot for choosing us attitude.
Basing my decision on what I think is unbiased and without any agenda from posters such as h1pst3r and others I chose the Harman Kardon. So that's what the subwoofer is supposed to sound like in THX optimizer! To my ears anyway, coupled with the same ONKYO speakers, this receiver sounds alot cleaner listening to music. And I can be sure that the actual wattage per channel output is to spec. I posted my experience on the "other forum" hoping it would save others time and frustration and wouldn't you know they deleted my posting within a couple of hours. I wonder whose agenda are they pushing. Hope this could be of use to someone. Many thanks to h1pst3r and others for showing the way.

Greg Lee
From what other forum was your posting deleted? I think this is irritating, and I'd like to know who was responsible.

Tom P.
If you insist Greg. Here is the thread:

Greg Lee
I thought it must be Carleton. Thank you. Congrats on finding your HK.


Thanks for the kind words, glad we could be of assistance, insight, and objecive support.

While many manufacturers, retailers and (unfortunately, web sites) frequently have hidden agendas, this particular group of posters and home theater nuts is really just about helping everyone enjoy the best possible media experience that each individual's budget and constraints can allow.

Rock on and thanks for posting your experiences!

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