A/V stores and websites??


I'm trying to find some dealers for receivers that I'm interested in, but I have no idea where to look. Especially where to buy Onkyo Integra DTR-7.2-ES.

Searches on Google usually come up with review sites only. Is there a site where I can search for A/V stores by location? or else for web dealers?

Thats probably because theres not that many sites that carry Onkyo but try www.crutchfield.com they dont have the best prices but they have VERY good comparison shopping. If your looking for Onkyo look at www.circuitcity.com. hope that helps

Integra is not distributed through Onkyo dealers. It is supposed to be the "high-end" line for Onkyo (like Lexus is for Toyota, etc.). They have been very successful in keeping the Integra line from being sold by internet retailers. To find a dealer, go to www.integrahometheater.com. good luck
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