Pioneer VSX-D811S speaker problem


OK I haven't purchased a receiver in 10 years so bear with me... I can't get any sound to come out of my speakers. I did the quick setup for 3 speakers and set the configuration for FL-CS-S*. But no sound, not with DVD or CD player. Am I missing something easy? Thanks,

Tim S
Are you using the preamp or or digital inputs for audio from DVD?

Have you assigned the DVD/CD player audios to be from where your audios are actually connected?

If you are satisfied with using Dolby Pro-Logic you can get away with just L/R from the DVD, but the 811 will want to decode for 5.1/6.1 surround sound from the DVD if you have either the 5.1/6.1 preamp inputs or digital input assigned, which will hose you for the sound.

Sorry you've been away for 10 yrs like me. Any more, you can't think of just two speakers on an amp, you need a degree in sound reproduction to get one of these things to work. I see you've selected front large, so I assume you don't have a powered sub. If you do you need to select front small to get the front sub to work on the line level out; of course if youve chosen the speaker level out or have a passive sub the FL selection is the right one.

Last but not least, have you selected the A speaker pair (I know it's a DUH, but the A/B indicators are small).

I decided the 811 is not the one for me but studied it reasonably well. Good Luck.
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