Kenwood VR-6070 VS. Kenwood Sovereign VR-5080


Does anybody have any personal experiance with the VR-5080? I am contemplating between these two receivers, and I like the way the VR-5080 looks and its abillities. But the VR-6070 is a much better price. any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I were you I would go with the VR-6070, this receiver has received great review. It has more abililty than the 5080, also with the 5080 I believe you need a separte amp for the 6th speaker, if I were you go with the VR-6070 you wouldn't go wrong.

VR-6070 will have problem to handle HDTV with 10Mhz band width. 5080 has 40 Mhz

I would think you want to send HDTV signal to TV directly anyway.
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