Onkyo TXSR 600 v. Harman Kardon AVR 225


I am looking to purchase a new receiver. I am more concerned about sound quality than about overall power. Right now, I have the Onkyo 500 speaker set. Thus, I will have to add another rear speaker to take advantage of the Onkyo 600. I have tried both of these receivers out at CC. The sales person there was pushing the H/K. I also have read several reviews on each system, all of which have been pretty good. I am looking for some input to help me make the decision. Of course, pricing is a factor to consider. However, looking at various retailers, there seems to be only a $50 difference between the two sets.


Yes, I'm a hardcore HK fan )owning a AVR525 and loving it) but don't take just my word for it. Here's CNET's review (they picked it as an editor's choice award...primarily for it's sound quality).


Good luck,



the CNET review is for the 225 not the 525 as may have been implied in my earlier post ;-)


Phil Krewer

I think that anyone who is thinking about buying an Onkyo receiver should read the threads on Hometheaterforum.com. Here's a link to one


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