Whats the difference between the Yamaha HTR-5650 and the RX-V540?


Mike 2
Whats the difference between the Yamaha HTR-5650 and the RX-V540? between the silver and black legs?is there any?

None to speak of. I think the 540 has pre-outs for the preamp section so you can add an outboard amp, whereas I know the 5650 doesn't, but other than that they are identical.

Mike 2
ok thanks but then why is the 5650 so much less expensive?

Sold through different market channels. The 5650 is showing up at Best Buy, etc., and the 540 is the low end receiver for the audio speciality stores who don't move Best Buy's volume.

This is just like mattresses. All of the big brands sell their stuff through all possible marketing chennels, from high end furniture stores to Costco and Sam's Club. But what they do is sew a different name onto the mattress so you can't price compare between the two stores (it may be a "Luxury Supreme" at the high end store, but the same thing may be called the "Elegance" at the club store). Professional marketing people call it "segmenting the market."

At least in the case of Yamaha, they attempt to make a distinction by dropping the pre-outs on the cheaper receiver.

This is the response I got from yamaha Canada

Dear S. Sharma
There is no difference between these two models. RXV series is for the Specialty Independent Dealers.The HTR series is for the Mass Merchandising such as Future Shop and the Brick.
The only colour in Canada will be Black.
Daniel Dame

Mike 2
but why would they have silver legs on the rxv.540 and black on the htr.5650? i still dont understand that sorry
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