Denon AVR 3802 with KEF KHT 2005


hi -

i have about $2000 to blow on a av receiver and speakers. the denon avr 3802 and the kef kht 2005 have gotten very good reviews, but i wonder whether that necessarily makes for a good combination, or can i get a better combo for that budget? should i spend more or less on either the receiver or the speakers? i would not really want big speakers though. also, the amp requirements are said to be 10-100w, and the denon is 110w (the denon avr 2802 has gotten pretty good reviews as well, is cheaper, and only 90w - so would that be a better choice?)

any advice greatly appreciated!

I recently purchased a Denon AVR 3802 along with Monitor Audio Silver 8i speakers and a Sony DVD player. I didn't have the money for the center, rears, subwoofer, etc. and plan on purchasing them later. Anyway, I love what I have and would suggest the following. First, the Denon 3802 is a nice AV receiver and, for the money, you probably won't do any better. I would buy it, take it home, hook it up to your CD Player or DVD or whatever, then go speaker shopping. When you find 2 or 3 that you like and are in your price range, arrange to take them home and try them out with your home setup - preferrably at the same time. I bought my receiver and DVD player then took home Paradigm Reference Studio 60s, B&W CDM 7NTs and Monitor Audio Silver 8is to audition. Of course, they'll want your credit card number for security. Point is, you won't know what the speakers are really going to sound like until they're hooked up to your receiver with your cables with your speaker wire in your environment. In my opinion, listening to speakers in shops hooked up to $15,000 worth of high end equipment and hooked together with hundreds/thousands worth of cables and wires isn't going to give you any idea what they'll sound like at home. Of course, if you're not sure about the receiver, you might be able to work out a deal to get a couple of those at home at the same time to try them out too.

Other than that, I wouldn't take anyone's word for it as to what is best for you - either here or from a saleman in a shop.

Good Luck.

My KEF KHT 2005 is hooked up to a Yamaha RX-V1000 and they are just fantastic for DVD but not so great for two channel music.

Hi I would like to purchase the KEF KHT 2005 speaker stands; need to know where I can get them and how much I should expect to spend?

You can buy the KHT-2005 speaker stands at any good hi-fi retailer that supply's KEF or buy on line direct from! Expect to pay £60 a pair.

I've been had Onkyo TXDS 797 receiver with KHT 2005 with subwoofer for about year and half. Combination of those two is the best product for the price especially when you watch movie through DVD. I tried both Denon 3802 and Onkyo TXDS 797, bottom line is that Onkyo is better and easier to operate with remote. I tried out at retail store and bought at reputable internet, and saved about $800. If you like to listen to the CD's(not movie), I would suggest to get high tower front Definitive Technology speakers. I like to listen to the CD on front channel only, not five channel. But then again, money is no object, then get KEF reference series.
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