Zone 2 speakers; Front Effect Speakers; and 2nd Sub


I am upgrading my A/V equipments and got a copy of Yamaha Digital Home Theater Components booklet. A couple thing that I can use some advise from Yamaha experts:
1. Some of the high end models as well the new RX-V640 and RX-V740 has the extra "Zone 2" speaker connections. First I thought it is the same as A/B speakers. But from the back panel on some model, it has both "Zone 2 out" as well as A/B speaker connectors. What are the differences?
2. Also from the same booklet, the diagram of multi-channel systems set up show a couple of more complex layout of 5.1 or 6.1 Channels Plus "Front Effect" Speakers. The pair of Front Effect speakers are additional to the two main front speakers. How this two additional speakers are connected to receiver? or this is from "Zone 2 out"?
3. From the same diagram showing the 6.1 Channels Plus Front Effect Speakers, a second sub is positioned by the real surround speakers. This appeared to be layout for the advanced Yamaha receiver models e.g. RX-V3300 or RX-Z1 which has two sub outputs. However, I was thinking can one use crossover on second sub and connect the two surround speakers in a fashion of satellite speakers?

Zone 2 on the RXV640 and 740 send out a signal for use with a second reveiver or pre-amp/amp so that you can play a different source in a different area. A/B selector allows you to power a second set of L/R speakers (possibly in another room ) without another amp but plays the same source as in the main room

Front effects channels are on the RXV3300 and the RXZ1 and older flagship Yamahas. They are smaller speakers placed above the front speakers and connect to their own speaker terminals on the back of those models. They are designed to open up the front soundstage.

email me if you want specific details.
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