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I have recently got a turntable (the purchase included a quality phono cable to link the deck to amp).
However linked to the amp I am still getting highly annoying static (if minor it is really screamworthy)
This AFTER linking up the earth thingy's.

The screwable 'clamp' (on amp) that is meant to secure the earth thing of phono cable does not really secure/fit it greatly.

Anyone else had this problem with an amp?
Where the phono earth cannot be secured well?
Is it just the bogus element to a rather budget amp (technics suv 500 mkII)

Basically the earth part fits 100% tight perfect into backside of project turnatable, along with the L R phono's but on the amp end, while the L R's go in fine of course, the earth/ground thing dosen't fit as well (while it basically 'fits' or looks like it's nearly perfect

But obviously this is the problem?
Those earths/grounds (apologies if I'm calling them the wrong thing but I trust you know what I mean) require 100 tight, full covering (the metal), slottage at both ends?

Anything suggested would be highly appreciated and even word on whether most/ or other amps have this problem of the clamp (tiny metal screw all it is really) not fitting a phono cables earth properly



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sorry for posting twice, did'nt show up first

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A grounding conenction either works or it does not work. There is no situation where it will only eliminate a portion of the ground hum. So I am confused by your comment that you are getting minor static.

Try attaching your ground lead to a screw on the chassis of the amplifier. Usually a screw that holds the cover to the chassis will suffice. Make certain the bare wire of the lead is touching bare metal and not a painted surface.

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