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Im remember a power amp in the 70's that had 2 led strips on the front panel and it was shaped like a V. I thought it might have been a Phase Linear or Harmon Kardon, but I cant find any info.
Anyone have any idea?



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I remember the Phase Linear amps. They had 2 huge VU meters in the faceplate. Two models available, the 400(wpc) and 700(wpc). I actually saw a 400 available on Audiogon not to long ago.

As far as the V cut amp goes, the only ones I know of were the pre-Klipsch Aragon monoblocks, and the Aragon 8008-two channel. Not from the 70's however.

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If you're saying the amp itself was shaped as a "V' I do not remember anything from that time period (and I was selling hifi then) that had that physical layout. I have a few old magazines from that period and I'll do some checking for you. What I think you might be remembering is the Harman Kardon Citation 16(a). Citation was and occassionally still is the high end line of electronics for HK. They began back in the late 50's with tube gear that is fairly well regarded still today. If I remember correctly HK first used the phrase "straight wire with gain" in reference to the design of the Citation tube gear. Citation was often referred to as the poor man's McIntosh because of it's build quality and sound. As an example, I still have a Citation 12 deluxe power amp from the early seventies that is in my bedroom system. Since it has no power switch it is on 24/7 and only had to have it's power indicator lamp replaced. To your question, the Citation 16(a) was a step up from the 12 that came out in 1974. Rated at 150 watts per side it was a dark charcoal front panel that had a series of round LED's on the front panel that formed a "V" shape. The LED's were used in place of, at that time, conventional VU meters. The LED's gave a faster response and had no hold over so they showed "instantaneous" power output. Both the 12 and the 16 were designed at a time when HK was using dual power supplies with a transformer for each channel and no common ground in the amp's chassis. Power bandwith was specified as 4Hz to 130 kHz when most all of the competition took 20 to 20kHz as a hopeful number. Square wave perfomance was used to demonstrate the amps high slewing rate and lack of TIM (transient intermodulation distortion) a phrase that HK would go on to make famous with the work of Matti Ottala. The Citation 16(a) was a successful amplifier for HK, it sold for $795 when a Yamaha B-1 (150 watts) was selling for $1600, a Pioneer Spec-2 (250 watts) was $899, a Phase Linear 700B (345 Watts) was $799 and a Dynaco Stereo 410 (200 watts) was selling as a kit for $399. My guess would be, of that group only the Citation and Dynaco's are likely to be around in any number.

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on a rockford fosgate punch 30 hd which conector does the black and the whita wires go to

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does any one know anything about fosgate 30 and fosgate 45 amps i got the amps used on the punch 30 it has 3 screws for wire connections white - black - and - red
red is in the middle it is the positive voltage turn on -- now here is my question-- which connectoe does the black and white wires go to ? i dont want to put them in the wrong spot -- these amps really sounded good when the guy took them out of his car
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