Subwoofer and main speakers


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I was looking at powered subwoofers and need to understand how these units work. I saw an input and speaker outputss on the back. Do I run my stereo outputs to the subwoofer and then run the speakers from the subwoofer? This seems to be necessary otherwise how would I use the subwoofers low crossover. Something must block the higher fequencies from the main speaker woofer. Is this correct?

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Some have only speaker-level inputs and outputs, some have only low-level (LFE) input, some have both so you can use either.

If your receiver has a sub output, then all you need is a sub with low-level LFE input. The crossover is done on the receiver and none is needed on the sub. This is typical for home theater since the surround speakers are more often than not "small" speakers and you want to redirect the low frequency content for those to the sub.

help me

help me

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Sorry for the repeated posting.
I thought that this is the right thread.

I would appreciate clarifications on the following.

If I have to connect a subwoofer to a stereo integrated amp, which is the prefered method ...

a) Connecting the L or R pre-out of the
integrated amp to the sub using a RCA cable
(will I lose any part of bass sound since I
omit one channel? In otherwords does
both the channels of any stereo recording
typically carry the same bass sound?)

b) Connecting L & R speaker terminals of the amp
to the sub (assuming the sub has speaker level
input and output) and connecting the main
speakers to the speaker-out of the sub.
In this method what are the things to be taken
into account? Does the amp power and speaker
impedence(main) matter? Does the subwoofer
load the amp anyway? Do the main speakers load
the sub? Is the sound going to the mains (from
the sub)is high passed? Technically how does

Finally which method is prefered? Any other better method exist?


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Help please!

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I see an awful lot of questions and requests for clarification regarding the subwoofers. Makes one wish we could see the diagrams drawn out. There are powered subs, and passive subs, and production amps with operator's manuals...and then there are home brew tube amps. It seems easy to add a subwoofer...but it isn't at all; I gather from all the questions- and answers that are questions!
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