Advice on cambridge audio azur 540a


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i am trying to connect this amp to a yamaha using pre-out to the aux on the yam,there is no sound.i have been told by my supplier to use rec out on the azur to md line in on the yam is this correct? also the yam was driving eltax monitor 111 speakers no problem but now by using the cambridge even with the tone and volume controls set way down there appears to be an uncomfortable frequency which i cannot remove, the speakers are standmounted and spiked onto bare wooden floors,any advice would be most welcome, as my girlfriend wants to kill me.

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As far as I can determine, you are connecting the pre-amp output of two channels of a 6.1 AV receiver to two input channels of an integrated stereo amp. Any line-level output (such as tape) connected to any line-level input (that is probably all of them, but do not choose "phono") should be OK. I haven't quite got the picture, however. You must have an original source (CD player; whatever). If you connect that to each of them in turn, then the speakers directly to the same unit, you should hear something in both cases. You should also be able to use the pre-amp stage of either of them with the power-amp stage of the other. You are doing it Cambridge -> Yamaha. Try them separately, then connected the other way. You should soon see where any problem is.

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If I understand, you want to use the 540 as a pre-amp and the 396 as your amp. The path is then Source(e.g. CD)->540->396->speakers?

The 540 has a 'pre-out' on the back to bypass the 540's amps (for use as a pre-amp). You should connect the 540 pre out to the 396 input (aux,md, whatever, not phono). If you still hear a noise, try switching to Direct on the Azur. If there is still a noise, my bet is a bad connection somewhere. Check all your wires all the way to the speakers.

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Ahhh, I mis-read your post. Got no sound using the 540 pre-out. Got no answer for that. Unless you have the wrong input selected on the 540 for your source. Does your source also have a volume control? Still suggest Direct mode for the hum. The tone controls (you mean 'bass' and 'treble' do not turn 'down' they only modify 'more' or 'less'. Only in the center position do they do nothing, which is where you want them.


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Dude your monitor select switch (rec-out)on the yam is definitely a potential for difficulty. If you're using a pre out be sure that it is not frequency restricted (high low pass). If you have a clean video in out channel try outputting through it (maybe somethings yuckered with you pre out channel). Now for the buzz look to ensure all cables are undamaged and keep your RCA's away from groups of electrical lines (always lots near decks) but more importantly ensure have only 1 device actively sending signal. Occationally signal will force its way into your stream and add buzz or humm. Convince yourself that your lines from source through the yam to the speakers are clean, then do the same for the azure. If all this is clean it is either your line out or in.
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