Dayton 12" vs Polk psw10


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each of these can be bought for same price, has anyone had any experience with either of these. i have heard of a few cases of the dayton falling apart, and the polk has gotten amazing reviews. what do you guys think, i will be using the sub with an Athena 5.1 system along with the new panasonic xr55 receiver.

Or, if you think it would be better to just save up and get a SVS or HSU i could do that.

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I have that receiver and love it. It kind of depends on what you are using your system for as to what sub to get. So how big is your room and what is it for; HT or mostly music?

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Where did you hear that the Dayton fell apart?

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Both are bottom of the line subs, and you get what you pay for.

I'd recommend you save longer and wait until you can afford a better sub.

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ya ive decided i might as well spend the extra $300 and get an HSu or SVS. there is a thread about 3/4 the way down on this sub forum where a guy talks about how his dayton fell apart first day, and another guy commented that it happened to him also.

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i listen to both music/movies the same, i should be getting both the receiver and speakers on wednesday im excited. now i have to find a pair of Athena AS-F1s to match my system.

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Yeah that was my Dayton. The voice coil came loose after two hours of listening. Definitely save for something better like HSU. Thats what i am doing.

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I have a Dayton 10" and a Hsu VTF3. My Dayton did not fall apart, and it's very good value for the $, but there is no comparision w/the Hsu VTF3. (and it shouldn't, since the VTF3 cost more than 5x the Dayton.
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