Considering B&W or Paradigm Subs


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My current system is: Paradigm Studio 20 v3 fronts and Paradigm CC-370 v4 with a Marantz SR-5400 driving them.

I am looking to add a subwoofer. My shop has an upgrade policy, so I was thinking of either:

1) Get a B&W ASW600 now and possibly upgrade to the ASW675 in a year

2) Get the new Paradigm Ultracube (although I haven't demoed it yet)

3) My shop had a Seismic 10 open box unit for only $1000.

I listened to the 2 B&W units. I think I could live with the 600 and be pretty happy, although the 675 definitely sounded a bit better. That Seismic was tempting, although $1000 vs $500 is a bit of a price jump, and more importantly, I'm concerned that the Seismic will be too beefy for my townhouse.

I should also say that I listen to music more than I do movies. But whenever I watch a movie I always long for a sub, so that is a lot of the motivation for getting one now.

Any ideas?

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Mark, have you considered the Tannoy subs. They are a sealed enclosure so they may not give you the oomph that you need for HT but for music they are a great buy. I owned a B&W sub for a short while with my Paradigm Reference speakers and was not impressed. It always seemed to lag behind and make itself noticed in the system. I currently own an Era Sub 10 which is fantastic but it costs 1k + depending on finish. If you are looking for a sub to augment your bass without turning your neighbors into a lynch mob you may want to check out the Tannoy TS series subs. They are also very small and unobtrusive. Good luck.

Fry's carries the Tannoy subs, they are tiny little things but fine in a small room, positioned in a corner.

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Just to update everyone, I went with the Seismic 10. It's overkill right now for me to have 1200 RMS Watts at my disposal, but I was looking long term.

Sub is in the room, but I still have to configure volume, crossover, phase etc.
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