B&W ASW 675 worth getting?


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I am considering the purchase of the aforementioned subwoofer. I have b&w604 s3 + b&w 602s3 as my front and surround speakers (the listening area is about 30 square meters big, an is almost unfurnished). Have you heard this sub? Is it worth getting (I listen to classical music and symphonic rock in a stereo)? And additionally, is asw 675 worth spending additional USD 300 in comparison to B&W ASW 650 (I would prefer not to have other than B&W subwoofer)?

Could you please share with me with your opinions and experience.
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My local dealer conviced me that there is no big differnce between them so go with cheaper solution (nice set up :-)), I`m considering 602 S3 for fronts. They sound like they are 10K $.

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The 675 is a totally differnet criter than the 650. The 675 is well worth the extra money. The 650 is a fine sounding speaker as well, just not enough power if you crossing over at 50Hz or lower.

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It may be worth having alook at a Whise Profunder 319A (www.whise.com.au), i am not sure where they sell them outside australia but they are reference quality and cost about AU$6000, i have a 119A (AU$2800) with B&W 602 S2's and a NAD T752, the sound that is delivered is very impressive.


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I never heard the ASW 675, I only heard the 300 Series Sub from B&W and if I wouldn't have my excellent DefTech PF 15+ I would have gotten the B&W Sub.
I believe that everything B&W makes is outstanding.
What I noticed about B&W is that their speakers will never blow LOL
I only have the 600 S3 for surrounds and the love more power and I am already giving them 100 Watts and they want more, so I know that B&W Subwoofers are amazing.
Go for it, and you will not be disapointed

Take Care

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Any comments on DefTech subwoofer? I have a supercube I and am debating if I should keep it. Movie sound is outstanding but music is dissapointing. I am wondering if it is my acoustics. Any comments appreciated.

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I am considering ASW675 as well. My system consisted of RXV2400, B&W 603 S3 and Quad 11L. A shop recommended me REL 150E MKII. However the amplifier power for ASW675 is 500 watts compared to REL which has 150watts. Which one is better? Understand that REL specialises in sub-woofer.

I use 603s3 for front, 601s3 for rear, and LCR6S2 for center. I am about to add at Velodyne CHT-10. I have tried others, and I am very impressed at the quality and value of this sub. I am betting they are about to discontinue this model because it is now 229 at one call.

Unlike speaker matching, sub matching is not as important as long as the roll-ofs and cutoffs can work together. There are plenty of good articles on setting up a sub.

And remember, amplifier power will never determine the sound quality of a sub....or anything for that matter.
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