Can NAD C320BEE drive 6 sets of speakers?


Rob Milburn
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I've recently moved into a house with Klpisch speakers in the ceiling of six rooms. The rooms are fairly open to each other. Each room has a volume control which I assume is impedance balanced. The cables in the walls terminate to a plate with two channel connectors.

I mostly listen to CD's (classical and jazz) and occasionaly some FM.

Is this enough power for the speakers and am I missing something?


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You cannot assume the volume controls are impedance matching types. If they are, that's fine. If they are not, then you would in all likelyhood, damage the amplifier playing all the speakers at the same time.

Loud is determined by each person and to tell you there is sufficient power to play "loud enough" is difficult to do. Considering the inwalls are Klipsch, there probably is enough power. You haven't mentioned main speakers. Are the ceiling speakers the only speakers you will have?


Rob Milburn
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Thanks Jan for the response. Yes, the only speakers currently considered are the Klipsch.

The majority of the listening will be at volumes that allow conversation. On occassion I'll listen to some violin concertos at a decent level, and I've found some Korn cd's in the changer when I've returned home (17 year old son probably?).

I am replacing a late 70's JVC integrated amp and would like to upgrade. I've been to the local NAD dealer who had one NAD product to demo. I liked the sound and based on the discussions in this forum and other reviews want to try a NAD integreated amp.

Now 3 additional questions:

1. How can I determine if the volume controls are impedance matching?

2. Do you have additional thoughts about equipment I should consider?

3. Does anyone recommend dealers where I can buy NAD equipment?


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You will have to remove the VC's from the wall and get a brand and model number. Then a quick search on the net should tell you what you need to know. Pull all the vc's and don't just assume they are all the same.

Other equipment? Sure, I'd suggest McIntosh or Rowland Research. But I doubt you're in the market for that level of gear if you've been shopping the NAD.

NAD sells refurbished and "B" stock items through a few dealers. You can find them on the web. I would suggest you buy from the dealer where you auditioned the NAD. It sounds like they don't do much business in NAD and one more sale could be the tipping point for whether they continue to try better lines or just sell junk. Or, possibly whether they offer lower priced product in their shop.


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Nad's now huh!
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