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When looking for an amp to buy to power 4 ohm speakers, what should I loof out for? Should I look at what an amp is powere for 4 ohm or 8 ohm?

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You can look for a number of things. In general, the closer the 4 ohm watt reading is to double the 8 ohm reading, the better the design and the more headroom (dynamic power) the amplifier has.

But what you are looking for depends on your budget and your speakers. Some 4 ohm speakers are very efficient and don't require much power, many are very inefficient and in order to sound their best and play as loud as the efficient ones they require a nuclear power plant.

If you can afford it getting double-ended balanced outputs is nice as it prevents hum and interference. A lot of amps say balanced---don't fall for that. Inquire whether they are double-balanced. Single balanced amps are hardly different from un-balanced outputs. Not that there is anything wrong with unbalanced. Lots of excellent unbalanced amps. You just make sure you are well grounded and well insulated with interconnects that don't cause hum.

Basically---try to get an amp that puts out more than enough power for the speakers you are getting. More power almost guarantees getting the best sound your speakers are able to deliver. Particularly true for short term loud sound bursts.

Underpowered amps for your speakers can make them sound congested and will likely cause clipping and distortion at loud passages and during dynamic bursts of sound.

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don, i responded to your post here ->

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To distribute by DVD signal, I need to connect my DVD Player to an Amp. Are there amps available that will distribute both the Audio and the Video.

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Don, I would recommend a high-current amplifier. I'm currently using a rotel RB-1080 power amp (high current and very high damping factor). This amp can drive just about any loudspeaker in its path. It is also very powerful (conservatively rated at 200W/ch into 8 Ohms).

This rotel sells for about US$1000, and in my opinion produces a great soundstage, has excellent depth and plenty of authority. Unless you are able to spend several times more, this will not dissapoint.
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