Decision help Onkyo TXNR801or H/K AVR630


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Which one of this receiver should I get? The HK rated 75x7 wpc and the Onkyo rated 100x7 wpc THX cert. I heard that the HK receiver have more power than it rated. Could someone let me know the advantage and disadvantage between these receivers?


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You are correct in saying that the HK will have more power than what it is rated at. HK (and NAD) use a comparitively very conservative method for deriving their power ratings, so in "real world" situations, the HK will likely deliver at least or maybe more than its specified power rating. However, the Onkyo is almost the opposite. I don't have the exact specs for this particular model, but other Onkyo models have been known to fall well short of their specified power ratings when tested by magazines and such. The Onkyo TX-SR900 (rated at 125w x 7) only hit 54 watts when driving 5 channels when tested by Sound and Vision Magazine (thanks Hawk!!). If the same holds true for the model you list, it would be lucky to hit 50 watts per channel when rated with all channels drive. Once again, I don't have the exact numbers for this model, but I have no reason to believe that the Onkyo would come anywhere close to 100 watts x 7.

As for being THX certified...there is an interesting thread going on about that. Look closer to the end of the thread.

However, that being said, which receiver I would recommend will depend on what type of speakers you have. It would also be helpful to know what the approximate size of your room is.

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This is what I posted in another 801 thread:

THX certification is these days nothing more than a badge on the front of the receiver. It gives you no advantage of any kind, propably a few bucks extra price wich goes to Creative (current owner of THX).

Logic7 is nice and some say it's a bit better than PL2 plus it's 7.1 vs 5.1. NEO:6 is clearly weaker than those two. I think 5.1-dsp is enough, but if you feel like going for a 7.1 setup you might want to consider Logic7 (or PL2x).

Nettune seems to be an ok feature. I have a review of NR801E (in finnish) and it says Nettune works fine, it's as easy to use as a CD-player. What's not so good about the Onkyo is it's power. Measured at both 6 and 8 ohm selector gives 5*33W 8ohm and 5*47W 4ohm. In stereo it's not much better, 2*38W 8ohm and 2*63W 4ohm. It is a bit less than the claimed 7*135W. Although they said it had enough power for a 7.1 Dynaudio Contour1.1/Audience42-system where everything under 80Hz was played by the Sub.

About the sound they say it's not very special, grey mid-fi quality, a bit cold and not as detailed as the Pioneer VSX-AX5i (cheapest Elite model with i-link). Though it didn't sound weak or thin in any way.

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Thanks Johnny & landroval. I think I have my mind made up for the HK. After carefully read the spec of the two receivers, the first thing I notice is the current on the HK receiver is higher than most receiver in it class, and I like it displays.

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