Do NAD 320bee and JPW AP3 speakers match well?


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does a nad 320bee and a non-used-before pair old JPW APE3 match well? or do I worry too much? I' ve been using them for 3 weeks now - and although there is deep bass, it is not as "present" as the rest of the frequencies - it lacks of punch if ya know what I mean..
I've got them connected normally (not biwired) with IXOS XHS133 speaker cables. For them moment CDs are played through my JVC 312 DVD (IXOS XFA09 interconnect)
As the audio set hasn't been playing much I'm not sure if I worry too much - speakers need their own time to loosen up don't they? Or not? Any ideas?

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Yes speakers sound better after burn in period. You can leave them on when you go out 0 if neighbors don't mind.

You chose good components - both were Hifichoice recommended components, as wea Ixos.

If you want to upgrade, I would look into the JVC - perhaps a NAD 521bee CD player?

I don't think you worry too much - there is a lot you can do to go after the sonic-heaven !

1) Power treating - power conditioners like Oneac or powervar from ebay (bigger the better in amp measurement - get one with a swtich). Some even would go far as to get a dedicated electic line (hire an electrician to put one in for you - about $200)

2) Room treatment - you can google search for acoustic treatment and find DIY info on it.
This will reward !

In fact, until you take care of the above 2, I wouldn't spend mega bucks on upgrade - since the key to the magic land lies there.

Sounds like you are not completely happy with the sound - I would upgrade the source - JVC first. Some are using their computer as the source - sounds excellent and is convenient.

You can get waveterminal u24 to connect it to your NAD c320bee.

Another thing you can do is to put something under your gears - like recquet-ball. Cut them in half and put 4 of them in each corner of your speakers, and other gears.

Do you have stands for JPW? They will sound better on them.

Another way to make your music better is to burn a copy of the CD you buy on your computer - the CD you buy is pressed, while the CD you make on your computer is burned slowely - and sounds superior.

Use EAC program - google search to download it free - Exact Audio Copy.

I don't think you worry too much - not if it will lead to better sound, and more enjoyment. There is a lot you can do to enhance your enjoyment still.

I would start with The discussion forum is a good place for tips. You can also chat alive at

But in the end, when you are satisfied with your system, I would relax and enjoy the music, instead of worrying about hifi gear - you can get in the trap many audiophiles fall into - of constantly upgrading... Your loved ones, and your bank account will not like that.

If you do research, you can get good sound for not too much - buy them used at to save. This way, if you are not satisfied, you can re-sell and not lose too much.

Welcome to this exciting hobby - you already bought 2 good components - just upgrade the source to your computer or a nice CD player, and see if you are happy with it.

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wow! thanx for the quick response...
upgrading my dvd into a proper cd player...hmm. Will be in top of the "to-do" list.
I took it back to JVC service - it would refuse to play certain cds (of various formats - copied, legal copies, copyright protected) when the laser reached towards the end of the cd.

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Here is a good place for reviews - might help you with your CD choice. NAD receivers mate well with their CD players.

There are 2 models - 521 and 541, the later having a little more detail, for more money.

You can find deals on the web for better prices - if you google it.
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