Can Danon AVR-1804 power KEF?


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I have KEF Q7 speakers and think to buy kef Q1 for rear and Q9c for centre speaker. I like Denon 1804 as it is not to much expensive so I am thinking to buy this receiver but after I saw lab report on and that Danone has only 5X35W I don't know will it have enough juice to power these speakers for a 120 minutes of movie. So my question is this-can it power them or should I buy some double expensive receiver (like Yamaha RX-V1400 with 5X105W measured output according to HIFI Choice)
Thanks for advices.

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I think you have the makings of an awesome surround speaker system. It deserves a better receiver than the Denon 1804. Although the Q7s are relatively efficient speakers as far as KEF models go, my guess is that the Denon 1804 will be way underpowered to get the best out of the Q7s in a surround set-up. You might get away with it if you have an active subwoofer handling lower frequencies (but why would you even try). If you're relying on the Q7s for bass, then by all means get a receiver with more power than the 1804. Either way, it's worth spending a little extra to get a receiver that will get the most out of the speakers. You'll gain greater enjoyment from your system.


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I work for an HT company that carries Denon and I would definitely recommend something higher in their line, the 1804 just doesn't have the juice (it's sad, the 2002's 1802 was a solid piece for $500). You may be able to get by w/ the 2803, but the 3803 will certainly take good care of your KEFs. The 3803 is being replaced very soon by the 3805, so you should be able to find a good deal on it (only buy authorized!!!).
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