Bose301 stereo speakers for denonpma2000ivr


will my bose 301s suit my new denon PMA2000IVR integrated amplifier(ultra high current amplifier)
please advise

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I wouldn't waste the quality of Denon on pieces like Bose.

Make your investment worthwhile, get some new speakrs.

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I am not sure what you are asking, please clarify.

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buying (gag! choke! cough!)Bose speakers for ANY half decent amp Denon or otherwise, is like putting bicycle tires on a're better buying a bicycle to begin with!

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I agree Edster but it sounds like he already has the Bose speakers and may be left in a "now what" situation.

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good point, I somehow didn't see the "my" in front of the "bose 301s" in the initial post.


eBay your 301s ASAP and get yourself some real speakers...what's your budget? Anything above say $200-300 would be a big improvement.


When it comes to Bose You only get everyones negative opinion; instead of your question answered.

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You have to tame Bose sound - they are not refined sounding, so they can give you listener fatigue on prolonged listening.

You can set up Bose to sound ok, but you gotta experiment. The better the amp, ybetter off you are. Mercedez have Bose in them, and they sound ok.

Can be done, but might not as easy as with speakers like Monitor audio silver, which is easier to get good sound from.

If you like the sound you are gettting, that's all it matters, no? If not, try reading on acoustic treatment (google search it). I heard Bose in good acoustic room with Denon 4802 surround receiver, and Yamaha DVD player (upscale) and it sounded ok.

In fact, I am getting mine out of my garage, and am going to mate it with marantz 4270 receiver.

My fateher bought them for me in college and I have moved on to more refined sounding ones, but today's listening session showed me that they can sound ok, if set up right.

I actually like the sound of 201 better - since 6 inch woofer does mid better. If my 301 sounds good in my room, I will buy 201, and mate it with a sony sub sa-wm 250 - which is only $80 but has a good digital amp section.

You might want to think about the sony sub addition.

You know about the Bose's suggestion of the placement right? Near corners so the sound can bounce away in the back, to get that hall effect.

The placement is important, as is plush furniture like sofa and bed to soak up the un-desirable sounds.

Good luck - hope it works for you.
I like Denon sound - hope you have a good CD player.

If all else fails, you can get a used pair of speakers at or for a few hundred $.

I like monitor audio silver.

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A $1200 amplifier to drive Bose 301 seems like overdoing it to me.

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That's very Interesting, I'll have to keep watching this page!
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