B&W 602 S3 with NAD or ROTEL?


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Hi all,
I'm buying the B&W 602 S3 and want to know if NAD C521 BEE and NAD C320 amp and cd player would be good in combination.
OR would Rotel products be better?
I would be grateful for any advice!

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I don't think you could go wrong with either NAD or Rotel products. I'm sure you know that there's a relationship between B&W and Rotel. I'm not sure of the exact relationship; both British companies and use the same distributors? At any rate, I've never been to a B&W dealer who didn't have B&W speakers mated with Rotel gear. They do go well together.

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Watch out for Nad or Rotel. I wouldnt touch them with a 10 foot pole. I dont claim to be a 'nad & rotel' expert but there are "TONS" of threads on this forum where people have problems with them either shutting off, hissing, humming ....etc...etc...etc.. It's an endless discussion of shortcomings or problems on this forum.

On the other hand, you virtually "NEVER" see threads from owners of Pioneer, Denon, or Yamaha having problems with their equipment.

my 2 cents...

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Some people like Paul can be very narrow minded. I own both Pioneer Elite and NAD products.
both are great. Please do not get discouraged from infantile comments like "Watch out for such and such". Try to audition and then decide what sounds best for you.

I have read many threads where Mr. Paul has been involved and believe me he is always very conflictive and negative about other people's opinions.

NAD is very well known for building high quality Amplifiers, and yes they are great, all the same, it is not a secret that they have had quality problems with their HT receivers which should not affect your search since you are looking for a music only set up.

Good luck !

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Thank you Jeronimo,
I must admit I was somewhat relieved to read this, because I had heard so
many good things about NAD, When you say HT receivers do you mean radio tuners?
This is good to know because I would be adding one to my set up before long.
all the best

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The problems with NAD and Rotel hums have to do with their AV receivers only. Both companies have well deserved reputations for quality gear. I have owned much gear by both companies and have only had a problem with a Rotel AV receiver which was subsequently fixed. It was the best sounding AVR I've ever heard.

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Mr. Kyle is right on the money!

NAD just came out with a new stereo receiver the NAD C720BEE....It has had very positive reviews so far...just a thought


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